Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Many God Damn Draculas Anthology

Last year I put out a wizard themed anthology entitled "The Asshole Wizard Anthology" featuring a bunch of great artists from deviant art.com. And so far it's been a fairly good success. I sold of all every copy at all 3 of the comic conventions I went to this year.


-For 2012 I'd like to do a new vampire themed anthology entitled "Too Many Damn Draculas". So I will be looking for a bunch of awesome humor oriented comics about Dracula or Vampires, and If it's not too much to ask....the punchline should be a take off of the phrase "Too Many God Damn Draculas". I'm looking for some cover art and illustrations, and if you're not an ace in the writing department, I have several ideas for scripts, that I'd like to see but don't have the wherewithal to accomplish.

-So here's the project guidelines The art should fit on a A5 size sheet of paper (aka 5.5" x 8.5" or 148 x 210 mm) Grayscale of B&W 300 or 600 dpi in jpeg or psd format Deadline-----No hard deadline yet but we'll say early May.

And you can send your beautiful Draculastrations to or forward your beautiful Draculaquestions



Bobby Mono

George Washington and Candy or Medicine

This year I'm working on a new full-color paperback mini called "The Mystery of the Light Shining Out of That Tower for Some Reason." It's gonna be a collection of some of my best so far unpublished works, brand new material, and some updates of older classic comics. This story is the first comic I ever drew back in 2001, which I have redrawn for the 3rd and hopefully final time, and in color. This beauty should be appearing in an anthology coming up as well.
This week, I also drew the cover for an upcoming Volume 18 of the Candy or Medicine Anthology.