Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wizard #2 is on the way!!

Hopefully y'all are as excited as I am that a new issue of The Wizard is in the works. I usually do an golden age comic ad parody for the back cover of my issues. But this time I'm sort of torn. I've always wanted to do an awkward attempt at approaching the genius of Mad Magazine's Al Jafee, with my very own Mad Fold In. I'm working on one for this issue, but I gotta tell you. That guy is amazing to be able to pull those things off. It's pretty damn hard. Anyway, I just finished the "first page" for The Wizard #2, which is a parody of those old sell things for prizes ads, you used to, and probably still do, see in comics.

So Here it is in all is satirical glory: I Just Wanna Give You Prizes!!!!
You may have to download it to get a good look. Cause the print is small, and the text is well worth reading. So get out your reading glasses and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Haunted House

Sometime in late 2011, I had this dream that I was in one of those fake haunted houses. All the scenes in the haunted house were the stereotypical stuff, chainsaw guy, evil clown, guy chained to a wall....but they were all Draculas.

The classic line at the end of my dream inspired the name for my upcoming Dracula anthology. Here's the most accurate retelling of my dream from what I can remember....

Now that my anthology project "Too Many God Damn Draculas" is wrapping up, I'm pleased to announce I've overcome 2 years of writers block and am working on "The Wizard #2". I'm really excited about the project and you should see stuff from it posted here over the next few months. Hooray!