Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bad Jokes, Short Run 2012, and more....

The last few months have been packed with exciting comic adventures and I've been neglecting my blog. Two weekends ago I attended The Short Run Comic Show for the 2nd time. It was a total blast meeting the people and selling some comics. I picked up a bunch of cool new books at the show.
I made a really fun little 8 page mini for the show called "Things that Sound Awesome but are Actually Terrible".
I made a new Macho Man t-shirt which is for sale at my Red Bubble store.
I illustrated Cthulhu updating his facebook profile photo...
I'm in a Video Box Art Show at Scarecrow Video till the end of the month, where I re-booted the box art for a very strange Mickey Rooney movie called "The Manipulator."
Some new The Wizard 2 inspired drawings!!!
And some other recent comic strips!!!
And more Boring!