Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Tommorrow is Valentine's Day and I got some new stuff.

My wife and I don't really celebrate Valentines. As it's sort of a made up buy candy and flowers day...but we do typically make each other a card. The one for me is usually a really funny zombie related thing about her eating my heart, or baking it in a cake or whatever.

This year I did an illustration for one of her recent favorite songs "Foxes Mate For Life" by the Born Ruffians and song lyrics from their song "This Sentence Will Ruin/Save your life"

I've was an on again off again random visitor to a local drink and draw group here in Seattle last year called the Bureau of Drawers. This cool bunch of people managed to hook up an art show at the Fantagraphics Book Store in Seattle. The Show is called "Love Sick" and is going from Saturday the 12th to March 9th.

After that big setup...I missed the deadline and didn't finish what I was working on till now's what would have been hanging on the wall if I weren't such a lazy ass.

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