Monday, December 12, 2011

A feature in "The Kindlin' Quarterly" and More Boring....Boring 8 and 9

I just got my contributor copies of a quarterly zine I contributed 2 comics to called "The Kindlin' Quarterly" Issue Number 5. This is a really exceptionally printed zine that you can pick up for 2.50 each or a yearly subscription on Etsy. This issue features comics by Jeff Bailes, Ernesto Bizarro, Edward Parker Bolman, Dave Kirsh, Nate McDonough, O Ryan, K Rose, Bill Volk, and M. Young.
There's Several really good pieces in this issue. So check it out for 2.50.


A while back I started a Dinosaur comics inspired strip series called Boring, about 2 aliens who channel the most boring conversations ever conceived into comedy gold.

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