Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stumptown News..New Comic and Too Many God Damn Draculas


The Stumptown Comics fest is finally this weekend. If you make it to Portland, I will be at TABLE A-13 with Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh and Erolyn Franklin. I was already really looking forward to it, but then I found out that my hero Micheal Kupperman will be there on Saturday signing books to promote his new "Tales To Thrizzle". I feel lightheaded and I'm so excited.'

My latest comic is an autobiographical one. Seldom do I ever do auto-biographical comics. I just don't like talking about myself I guess. The next Kindlin' Quarterly anthology issue is all auto-biographical comics, so i decided to draw the tale of my first memory of suffering for my art. Here it is..."The Cub Scout"

And 2012 anthology TOO MANY GOD DAMN DRACULAS is starting to come together. I put together a string of posts on my tumblr account of some of the cool stuff you can expect to see in it. Here!!!

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