Thursday, March 22, 2012

The History of Men Wearing Wigs

My latest comic sort of weirds me out a bit. Mainly because the entire premise is based on repetition of the f-bomb. But I agonized over the 2 word bubbles for like an hour the other day, trying to think about a way to make it just as funny without the f-bombs. I apologize for the offense, but it's the only way.

For those of you unfamiliar with history. Europeans and American guys used to wear wigs. Why? I don't know it's weird right. Apparently Louis the 14th of France was balding, so he forced all his courtesans to wear wigs. Then everybody who visited his court had to wear wigs. Then all of Europe was full of wig wearing dudes for like over a hundred years. Then all of a sudden around the 1780's, there was a tax on wig powder. So people were all, well....I really like wearing wigs and all, but whatever I don't want to pay more taxes. So now there's no more wigs.

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