Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My new book "The Mystery of the Light Shining Out of That Tower For Some Reason" is now available for sale. It's a locally printed, 28 page full color mini- A collection of some of my favorite web comics I've done over the past 4 years, as well as some material I've submitted to anthologies in the recent past.

I just got back from the post office, parceling out some of the early orders and suffered a sticker shock a little bit. The lesson there I guess is....make sure you actually find out how much stuff costs to ship before you set pricing on the internet.

The book is available on 3 sites:, my bigcartel site, and my etsy site. Just a tip for you frugal shoppers out there. The best pricing for international buyers is on my website and the best price for US buyers is

I will also be at the STUMPTOWN COMIC FESTIVAL(APRIL 28, 29) in Portland Oregon this year sharing a table with Kelly Froh and Max Clotfelter. So if you're in the area you can pick up the new comic for a cheaper price.

So I was really drunk at this bar a few weeks back. And we were talking about instruments we used to play as kids. My waitress told me a tale about her friend using a clarinet to pick up guys. That comic gold was woven into this short Bobby Mono adventure.

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